Compressed air is an excellent source of safe and flexible energy. To operate efficiently the air must be clean. By installing the correct type of filter such demanding elements as water, condensate, dirt, dust, oil and exhaust fumes can be removed. also spent oil and metal particles, rust and pipe scale are eliminated. all this can save on unnecessary downtime and product loss.

compressed air filter dealers and suppliers in india
compressed air filter manufacturers in india - Gujarat
compressed air filter dealers and suppliers in india
Compressed Air Filter Manufacturers & Suppliers in India
Supplier of compressed air filter elements India

Technical Data

  • Completely resistance to water , compressed oil and virtually every other liquid or gas
  • Continuously trap and drain liquid
  • Maximum Operating Pressure : 12 to 15 kg/cm2
  • Maximum Recommended Temperature : 3 to 60 o C
Particle Removal 3 Micron 0.1 Micron 0.01 Micron 0.01 Micron
Oil Removal 0.1 mg/m³ 0.01 mg/m³ 0.005 mg/m³
Nominial Initial Pressure Drop 0.03 bar g 0.05 bar g 0.06 bar g 0.12 bar g
Maximum Operating Temprature 80°C 80°C 80°C 80°C
Maximum Operating Pressure 16 bar g 16 bar g 16 bar g 16 bar g
Recommended Pressure Differential for Element Change 0.7 bar g 0.7 bar g 0.7 bar g 0.7 bar g
Media Poly Propylene Boro Silicate Boro Silicate Boro Silicate with impregenated Active Carbon
Efficiency 99% 99.99% 99.9999%

Make Of Construction

  • Elements : Paper , Borosilicate Glass Fiber , Wire Mesh etc.


  • Water Separators
  • Oil and odor free Air
  • Air Logics
  • Textile Industry
  • Spray Painting
  • Pneumatic Industry
  • Free compressor air
  • Pharmaceutical Industry

To remove impurities, it’s far critical to have top compressed air filters, which encompass clear out housing and filter element. Filter detail is the one that is chosen to remove with maximum stable and liquid contaminants from the compressed air. Filter factors use kinds of filtration: floor and depth filtration. As filtration specialists, Ami Enterprise manufactures and supplies one of the most wide-ranging and competitively priced ranges of Element for Compressed air and gas in the market today. Using advanced technology, we provide the quality approved element for compressed air and gas. Process gases and compressed air are used in a multiplicity ways depending on the product manufactured. While some facilities use compressed air in direct contact with materials to clean, freshen, or move them through the process, others use process gases in fluid pumps that take products through the production and satisfying processes.

Compressed air infection is an actual problem, which can’t be ignored. Even the maximum easy and primary use of compressed air calls for a minimal treatment, such as the removal of water, oil and solids. To assure most overall performance and reliability, clean, dry, dependable compressed air deliver is critical to preserve green and cost-powerful production. The key element in making plans an green compressed air machine is to recognize all reasserts and kinds of compressed air contaminants and the desired most degrees of positive contaminants. Nitrogen initiator or compressed air may be used for packaging or blanketing relying at the end result required. Process gases also can be used to spray or coat a product, or as an aspect of the product itself. Besides electricity, water, and gas, compressed air is one of the maximum normally used electricity sources in a production plant. Compression of air and gas will increase the awareness of all contaminants, making filtration even greater important. We supply the maximum green and cost-powerful filter factors and housings for compressed air and gas, engineered to offer decrease strain drop, longer clear out life, clean detail change-outs and greater predictable maintenance. We are the foremost Element for Compressed air and gas supplier and exporter in Ahmedabad, Naroda, Chandkheda, Maninagar, Bopal, Gandhinagar, and Gujarat, India. Ami Enterprise is manufacturer, supplier and exporter any Element for Compressed air and gas based on customer’s specific requirements. Contact us or Inquiry Now for more information.