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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Pleated Filter Cartridge
Product Details Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Pleated Filter Cartridge Manufacturer Exports Gujarat India
This product is design for specially High flow rate , High dirt holding capacity and also Design with High Temperature capacity.The wire mesh is design is Plain Type , Plated Type with single , Double and Multy layer.. And this cartridge is also available with SS Sintered Fiber layer.
Technical Data
  All the construction is in SS 316.
  This cartridge is available with All Welded Joints as well as Adhesive Joint.
  For the high temperature , SS Sintered Fiber Cartridge is Available.
  Filters are sanitizable by most common methods and Sterilizable by autoclave and steam.
Available Different Size
  Length : 10” , 20” , 30” , 40” ( And other special Size )
  Diamete : 2.5” , 4” ( And other Special Size )
  Micron : 1 , 5 , 10 , 20 , 50 , 100 etc.
  End Connection : DOE , Code -- 7 , NPT Thread , SOE
Make Of Construction
  All the joints are available in Welded as well as adhesive joint.
  Wire mesh pleating with SS Sintered Fiber mesh is also available.
  Welding type is electron beam welding permanently joints the filter media , end and core.
  Each layer of the filter media is metallurgical bonded.
  Steam Filter Petrochemical Industry
  Beverage Ultrasonic Washing