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PTFE & PES Pleated Filter Cartridge
Product Details
As required by FDA , the filter cartridge is a precision filter product that combines the benefit of both a pre filter and final filter in one device to provide reliable and consistent performance. The Polyethersulfone Hydrophilic membrane specially developed for many filtration Application.

And also the Teflon cartridge have been designed specially for the Pharmaceutical industry. Manufactured with Hydrophobic PTFE membrane. This filter are used for solvents as well as compressed gas and vent filters.

Both the cartridge surface area , filter core design , pleat configuration and pleat design have been optimized to provide long life with super fine flow.
PTFE & PES Pleated Filter Cartridge Manufacturer Exports Gujarat India
Make of Construction
PTFE Cartridge   PES Cartridge
Filtration Media : TEFLON
Media Support : Polypropylene
End Caps : Polypropylene
Core : Polypropylene
Outer Cage : Polypropylene
Media Support : Polypropylene
Structure Components : Polypropylene
Sealing Technology : Thermal Bonded
Available Different Size
  Length : 10", 20", 30", 40"
  Diameter : 2.7"
  Micron Size : 0.2, 0.45
  End Conn. : DOE , Code - 7 Type
Typical Application
  Pharmaceuticals & Biological : Parenterals, Ophthalmic, Oral and topical medicines, water, Serum, Tissue culture media, Vaccines, make - up water, fermentation additives.
  Food and Beverages : Alcohols, Juices and other potable, Mineral water, DI & RO water, Dry Compressed gases.