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Pleated Dust Collecting Elements
Product Details
There are many reasons why a dust collecting system fails to operate properly. sometimes the solution may required brand new system or a complete re-construction of the existing system. These different ways are some time very costly in terms of capital to spend and downtime. But fortunately , we have an another option , and that is Pleated Dust collecting element.

The filter elements are manufactured to fit directly into your existing bag house tube sheet , replacing traditional filter bags and cages. This technology is a combination of filtration media with an inner support core into a one-piece element that can directly reduce installation time and costs.. Each filter element is custom manufactured with the right top , media , core , and bottom to fit your existing dust collector and provide maximum benefit to your product and organization.
Pleated Dust Collecting Elements Manufacturer Exports Gujarat India
Technical Data
This Filter element can be used in New system or as a retrofit in existing Dust collector.
Molded urethane top is available in a variety of styles and sizes to fit a wide range of tube sheet holes. Other materials or designs are available for higher temperatures and unique application.
One – piece design eliminate the need for filter bags and cages , significantly reducing installation time.
Inner core is constructed from polypropylene or expanded metal , depending on your application needs.
Pleat depth and spacing are customized for specific applications to allow for improved dust cakerelease. The pleated design increase filtration surface area up to 2 – 3 time.
Molded bottom helps resist abrasive wear at the bottom of the elements.
Make Of Construction
  Spun bond Polyester ( Standard )
  Polyester with oil / water repellant finish
  White polyester laminated with PTFE Membrane
  Spun bond polyester with carbon impregnation
  Spun bond polyester with PTFE membrane and carbon impregnation
  Spun bond Polypropylene
  Stiffened Aramid felt ( can also be laminated with PTFE membrane )
  Stiffened PPS felt ( can also be laminated with PTFE membrane )
  Stiffened acrylic
  Stiffened fiber glass
  Molded Polyurethane for Top and Bottom Load styles
  Injection Molded EPDM for Top and Bottom Load styles. ( white available for food grade application )
  Galvanized or Stainless Steel Metal ( Top – load styles only ) installed with Snap band Cuff
  Hard Polyurethane ( Top – load styles only ) installed with Snap band Cuff
  Flange Style Top – Load
  Perforated Metal
  Expanded Metal
  ( Each available in galvanized or stainless steel )
  Molded Polyurethane Puck
  Hard Polyurethane Puck
  Galvanized or Stainless Steel Pan
Construction Options
  Higher Temperature components
  Customized length and diameter
  Customized pleat count
The standard Temperature is : 83°C to 260°C ( Depend on Element choice )
  Food & Pharmaceutical Industries
  Primary Aluminum
  Paint & Pigment Industry
  Chemical Industry
  Cement & Rock Dust